We have created an online phone system to provide our families and community with a user friendly experience and the opportunity to connect with us live. Every school has been issued a new main phone number. This will be your primary number during distance learning. You should forward your current main line to this new number so you can be reached regardless of which one is dialed.

You will be able to receive phone calls and voicemail from families as well as place calls using the Jabber app. This will allow you to make calls from an OUSD phone number. The school directory will be announced to our families and the community in the coming weeks. Once we have schools up and running we will be adding more people into the School Directory and can also help create additional extensions to your site.

Jabber can be used for internal messaging to other staff inside the app. For external messages the district has purchased Talking Points for all schools to provide multilingual text messaging to families.


Figure 1: Inbound Call Flow (featuring Allendale, Site 101)

Families call Allendale using a single number. Using the inbound call flow, they navigate through a call tree which routes to the attendance or main office hunt groups. Additional call tree options can be added. In this case, the three front office staff are members of both the Attendance and Office hunt groups. Each member can control their availability for taking live calls by logging and logging out of hunt groups by using the Jabber application (more details below).

If the family does not make a selection, they will be routed to the Office Hunt Group. If no one answers, the call will go to the Office voicemail box. Messages left in either the Attendance or Office voicemail boxes will both go to the school’s Google Group. The front office staff are all subscribed to this group and will receive emails of the voicemails by default. This prevents information silos.


Figure 2: Outbound Call Flow (featuring Allendale, Site 101)

The outbound call flow is very simple as shown in Figure 2. When office staff calls a family, their caller ID is the number of the school.