Exploration and Setup Tasks to Complete

To activate your account, you need to complete the following steps. Jabber has been set up for your school attendance clerk, administrative assistant and principal. Each person should complete these steps so you know the information and have set up Jabber.

  1. Find your new main phone number in the school directory.

  2. Find your extension in the list and write it down for yourself.

    1. Also locate and write down the extensions for your office mates.

    2. Note that we have standardized all school phone numbers to Site# + 8001 (Admin asst), Site# + 8005 (Attendance) and Site# + 8008 (Principal).

  3. Call your new main phone number to listen to the recording. 3. Try the different options and leave a voicemail for attendance or the main office.
    4. You should receive this message via email. Listen to the recording.

  4. Go to the installation directions for Jabber, find your device type and complete the steps.

  5. Open the Jabber app on your device, login with your OUSD email address and password.

  6. Log in to your hunt group. 5. When you are logged in calls will ring on your device.
    6. Have someone call your school phone number and answer the call. 7. Log out when you do not want to receive calls.

  7. From Jabber, choose Calls, Keypad.
    8. Use the dialpad to call someone near you.
    9. Ask them to show you their screen. You should see that the call is coming from your school’s new 510-879-XXXX phone number.
    10. Ask them to answer the phone to make sure they can hear you.

  8. You are good to go! 11. Please email Colleen Calvano if your testing is complete and everything is working.
    12. If you need assistance, please call 510-879-1211 or email helpdesk@ousd.org.

Stay tuned for additional new features! We will be sharing information for sending and receiving online fax documents soon.