Call Handling

Receiving Calls From Families

To receive calls from your main line, you can login to your “hunt group” to receive calls live. This setting is within your Jabber client. One idea is to rotate who is on call.


Figure 3: Jabber for iPhone


Figure 4: Jabber for Mac

Receiving Voice Mail for School

The general admin and attendance voicemail boxes forward to a Google Group for your site. You’ve already been assigned permissions to this group based upon your school site location. You can listen to your site’s voicemail by going to and look for a group name starting with “general-phone-fax-<SITE NAME>” where SITE NAME is your school site’s name. You will also receive an email with every new voicemail.


Figure 5: Google Groups Voice Messages

You can listen and act on voicemails from Google Groups, from your email or both as needed. The group allows your site admin team to have shared access to voicemails in case someone is out.