Every school site has a dedicated fax number using our new online fax service. Your site’s fax number is listed in the School Directory.

There are two halves to this fax system: sending and receiving. Each works a little differently.

Receiving a Fax


Figure 6: Receiving a Fax

To receive a fax, the family in our example, sends a fax to the school’s fax number. All faxes to this number are delivered as an email to the school’s sites Google Group at groups.google.com. The front office staff, who are members of this group, can receive these faxes into their inbox.

Sending a Fax

To send a fax:

  1. Go to fax.ousd.org. Note: You must be on VPN if accessing outside of OUSD offices.

  2. If you see a white box username and password prompt, login with your OUSD email address and password.

  3. You should see a blue “Compose” button. Click it to compose a new fax.

  4. Enter a fax destination number. Use a 10-digit number for US (area code plus number).

  5. Attach documents (if needed). We recommend using PDF formatted documents.

  6. Click Submit to send fax.

  7. Go to Outgoing Queue to monitor progress. You will receive an email once the fax is sent.


Figure 7: Sending a Fax