Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I record a new Call Tree greeting using a human voice and/or multiple languages?

A: Several ways. Send us a new greeting recorded from your iPhone using Voice Memos. Or schedule an appointment.

Q: How can I add more options to Call Tree?

A: Request using a helpdesk ticket. These initial options are a starting point.

Q: A colleague in our front office needs Jabber. How do we request it?

A: Open a helpdesk ticket. Please provide their name and email address.

Q: On which devices may I use Jabber?

A: For flexibility, school site staff may use Jabber on their PC/Mac and their iPhone. If you want to use a different platform like Android or iPad, open a helpdesk ticket.

Q: Can I use Jabber on both an iPhone and PC/Mac?

A: Yes, Jabber can be used on a smartphone and on a laptop simultaneously.

Q: Can I use Jabber on multiple PCs and Macs?

A: Yes. But only one at a time. Only the most recent PC/Mac connection will work properly, but you can move back and forth.

Q: I used to have a personal 879-XXXX Jabber number issued in the spring. My number has changed. Will the old number still work?

A: All school site staff now have private extensions. Outbound calls use the school site’s phone number. This allows families to have one number to call and receive calls from the school. Your old number will no longer work. Open a helpdesk ticket if you would like calls to be temporarily routed to the school’s new main number.

Q: How can I improve the audio quality?

A: Use your Smartphone headset or a bluetooth headset with Jabber on your phone. We recommend purchasing an inexpensive USB headset if you are using a desktop or laptop computer if you find the speaker isn’t adequate.

Q: How do I stop receiving calls?

A: Enable on Do Not Disturb. This will prevent any calls from ringing you, both internal and external calls. This is accessed by clicking the profile icon, your name and then choosing Do Not Disturb. Remember to trade back to Available when you are ready to accept calls again.


Q: Do I need to program in contacts?

A: Contacts are automatically set to everyone who has an extension in the system or you can add your own numbers.

Q: I don’t see Jabber in Software Center, how do I get it installed?

A: Open a helpdesk ticket as your system needs to be reimaged so our new domain is available.

Q: Will parents have the option to listen to the greeting in Spanish and other languages?

A: Send us a new greeting recorded from your iPhone using Voice Memos. Or schedule an appointment.

Q: I got a scam call on Jabber is that normal?

A: Not normal, but could happen. Let us know if this continues and the time and number of the call.

Q: How do I get to Google Groups to change my settings?

A: Go to Google Groups (link), find your group, then click “My Membership Settings” on the left-hand side.