Version Number

Revision Date

Summary of Changes



Base document



Added document change history.

Removed page numbers in TOC. They will return in a future version.

Replaced fiber LC connectors with SC-Duplex connectors.

Removed non-metallic raceway.

Clarified ethernet cable colors.

Updated Meraki AP model for outdoor and industrial applications



Clarified separation of telecom and datacom cabling within wiring closets.

Changed multimode cabling to single mode.

Removed requirement for wiremold in classroom



Converged Telecommunications requirements.

Updated enclosures and cable specs.

Upgraded to Cat 6a



Converged Telecommunications requirements.

Updated enclosures and cable specs.

Upgraded to Cat 6a.

MDF/IDF Room Requirements; New & Existing Construction..

Updated room types and drop counts per room.

Installation of wiremold in classrooms & offices.

Installation height of wall mounted IDF enclosures.

Underground PVC conduit sizes and schedules.

Security camera equipment.

Data drop counts for conference rooms, offices, storage closets, and AV closets



AV Standards.

Added Multi-Band Antenna.

Updated Section 2.4 Switch Architecture Characteristics - Current Standards.

Added Fluke Test Reports to be provided by Contractor.

OUSD Technology Services Approval of all Submittals.

Updated drop counts in K-12 & Administrative sites.

Electrical outlets adjacent to data drops.

Updated required certifications to be held by designer, contractor and installer..

Updated warranty time for cabling.

Updated approval from OUSD Technology Services and OUSD representative for contractor deviations from design.

Updated departments for training services.

Updated Manufacturer Catalog Data to include Audio Visual.

Updated Requirements for Contractor provided shop drawings..

Updated Statements under Drawings in Section 1.4 to include attic stock of cabling, network equipment, and components..

Updated the percentage of spare switch ports.

Updated Pre-installation testing for fiber optic cable and documentation.

Updated Final Verification Testing to include loss measurement rates for singlemode fiber-optic cable.

Updated Section 1.12 As-Built Documentation.

Updated Section 1.13 Miscellaneous Specifications - Ordering Equipment & Materials and Training Requirements.

Updated Section 2.5 Power Protection - Updated UPS model number and requirements.

Updated Security Camera to Vivotek MA8391-ETV



Formatting updates. Added option to view standards in web format.

Removed current equipment list for cabling, link was broken.

Section 3 Security removes some verboseness in specifications. The models remain the same.

Section 4 AV standards now official and no longer draft.

22.0 DRAFT


Updated 1.5.1 to include a fire suppression system and/or 2-hour rated walls per fire code

Updated 1.5.2 to add rooms with water pipes to list of inappropriate places for IDF closets.

Pending update to add innerduct requirement (TBD)

Pending update to add wireless backup system and rooftop antenna to Phone standards. (TBD)

Pending removal of Cisco SRST from Phone standards. (TBD)

Pending new section for Door Entry Systems (AiPhone). (TBD)